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des Vignes


Bikers are welcome

Le club motoservices recommande les séjours en bourgonne sud à l'hotel des vignes

The restaurants

Restaurant in Juliénas

Restaurant Chez la Rose (700 m)
Friendly setting, terrace and garden. Semi gastronomic restaurant.


The Cock in Juliénas (700 m)
Bistrot de Cuisine Lyonnaise, Retro decoration of the dining room.


The Bouchon in Juliénas (1300 m)
Bistro of Lyonnaise Cuisine. Family atmosphere.


Restaurant in Saint-Amour

Auberge du Paradis (3 km)
Gourmet, refined cuisine, exotic, surprising and rich in flavor.

Josephine à Table (3 km)
Family cooking

February 14 (3km) 2 * Michelin
French gourmet cuisine performed by a Japanese chef.

Restaurants in the Villages around

The Corkscrew (3 km)
C uisine familly, only open at lunchtime and in season Friday, Saturday & Sunday night. Closed on Wednesdays.

The Chaintré Table (7 km) 1 * Michelin

Gastronomic cooking.

Beaujolais Terrace Restaurant (10 km)
Panoramic point of view. Terrace. Menus + Card. Groups. Traditional and Beaujolais specialties: homemade terrine, poultry, andouillettes ...

The good vintage (8 km)
Country inn where all products are homemade. Open only at noon.

Inn of Corcelles (12 km)
Regional and refined restaurant.

The courtille (15 km)
SOLUTRE (at the foot of la Roche), semi gastronomic.